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The infamous tales of the ignorant one.

Acting is the shy person's revenge on the world. ~Sinead O'Connor.

18 July
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Hi There! I Like Singing, Drama, Reading, And Being Silly! :-D
I'm a sophmore english major at Saint Anselm College, and I participate in the Abbey Players along with the Choir.
I'm right now in a bit of an Agatha Christie period, and enjoy reading her immensly.
I enjoy randomness, satire, and improve, movie/tv quotes, comedy, schtuff along that line!
So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your stay!

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Date Created:2004-01-29
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Christine has a fetish for redheads. Stay away from her, for she is considered dangerous. Her hobbies include stalking british stars, being an english major, sharp things, and dying her hair red. In her spare time she wears an armored dress with a viking hat and shouts "Look at me! I sing oprah!"
Strengths: Shattering glass hittin' those high notes, coloring in the lines, shopping for anyone but herself, a psychotic imagination, and a crushing bear hug!
Weaknesses: Oxygen, dead chipmunks, red heads, a sultry male voice, alan rickman, and paper cuts.
Special Skills: Ballroom dancing with a midget, breaking mirrors, smoking oregano, getting attacked by inanimate objects, talking TO inanimate objects, wearing HUGE pink scrubs, and eating live goldfish.
Weapons: Her siren's voice will drive any man to his death. Makes her wish she was a lesbian.
10 Years Hence: After flunking out of college and crashing the R-KAR, Christine took to stalking the British stars Sarah Brightman and Alan Rickman. After 13 restraining orders, she took to teaching juvenile delinquents how to sing opera in her parents basement. I know what you must be thinking, "WHAT THE F**K IS SHE SMOKING!?"

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